4.1 standard environmental conditions (unless otherwise specified, tests shall be performed under standard atmospheric conditions) standard temperature: 25 ± 3 ° C atmospheric pressure: 86 KPA ~ 106 KPA standard humidity: 65 ± 20%

4.2 standard charging: The product is charged at 1c constant current to the upper limit voltage and then charged at constant voltage until the charging current is less than or equal to 0.02 C5A, stop charging.

4.3 standard discharge: discharge the product at 1C constant current until termination voltage. The welding process of the PIN requires that the product should avoid short circuit of positive and negative electrodes during the welding process; the temperature of the welding station should be set at 300 ~ 320 ° C, and the welding time should be less than 3 seconds; and the circular welding of the pin should be reduced as far as possible, do not repeatedly swing the output pin.


13.1 before testing or using the product, please read the specification carefully to prevent improper operation of the product function failure, heat, leakage, fire and even explosion.

13.2 this product is not equipped with protection board, customers should add effective protection measures in use, to prevent its over-charging, over-discharge, over-current, short-circuit, etc.

13.3 disassembly of products by non-professional personnel is strictly prohibited (the disassembly of products is highly susceptible to internal short-circuits which may cause fire, explosion, harmful gases or other problems) .

13.4 it is strictly prohibited to incinerate products (which are highly explosive during high temperature incineration) .

13.5 it is strictly prohibited to charge the product in reverse or short circuit the positive and negative electrodes directly.

13.6 after use or long-term storage of new products, please charge them fully before use。

13.7 when testing products for charging and discharging, please use special testing equipment. It is strictly forbidden to charge and discharge products with non-voltage-limiting current-limiting equipment such as ordinary constant current and voltage source, in order to avoid the product is overcharged and put to cause functional failure or danger.

13.8 when charging or discharging products or loading them into equipment, care must be taken not to reverse the positive and negative electrodes, otherwise the products will be over-charged and over-discharged, resulting in serious failure of the products or even the risk of explosion.

13.9 do not place the product in a pocket or bag with metal objects such as necklaces, hairpins, coins or screws, nor store the product with such items, it is forbidden to connect the positive and negative poles of the product directly with conductive materials such as metal to cause short circuit.

13.10 do not strike, throw or step on products, let alone put them into washing machines or high pressure containers.

13.11 do not place the product near a heat source. Do not use or store the product in the hot sun or at a temperature exceeding 60 ° C. otherwise, it may cause heat, fire and failure.

13.12 do not wet the product or put it into water. When not in use, place it in a cool dry environment.

13.13 when using, testing or storing a product, stop using or testing immediately if it becomes hot, smelly, discoloured, deformed or otherwise abnormal and try to isolate and remove it.

13.14 do not rub your eyes in case of product leakage and spilled liquid is splashed into your eyes. Rinse with clean water immediately and seek medical attention immediately, then need to be cleaned immediately with water.

13.15 the product should be stored at room temperature and maintain 30% ~ 50% of the electricity, if long-term storage, it is recommended to charge and discharge the product every six months





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